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Mental Killer by Max Krause!

Voted #1 Magic App of 2012 by Appfind!

Voted App of the Month by Wizard Product Review!

Reviewed By Luke Dancy on The Magic Marketplace!


The Most Amazing Magic and Mentalism App in the App Store! $99.99

Magicians & Mentalists, there is something special for you hidden inside Mental Killer.

Contact Max for Details.


  1. 5/5

    It’s the best magic app in the App Store to date! I was a little put off by the price but in the end I took a chance and was not disappointed! The app is concealed to the point that I forgot I was in the app until I tried to play Angry Birds. 5 out of 5!

  2. 5/5

    The name says it all, it will kill the minds of everyone around! The prediction is written before the card is chosen or thought of, the spectator openly sees everything that you dial and can even dial themselves, and the best part is that YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!! Do yourself and your audience a favor and get this app, oh did I mention that they will have no clue that it’s an app!!!!!

  3. 5/5

    There are lots of magic apps on the market, but only 2 that I actually use. Mental Killer is one of them. It never fails to get amazing reactions and fool the pants off of people. It’s very easy to do, and very deceptive. Very highly recommended.

  4. 5/5

    Mental Killer is aptly named….It IS a killer. I use this all the time and it is a stunner. This is way under
    priced for the impact it has!!

  5. 5/5

    The best app for iPhone or iPod….i have used this at every gig, and it always has spectators swear you made a pact with the devil…plus its very inexpensive…

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